The Global Pledge - Federal Copyright
  I created The Global Pledge during the 1987-1988 Presidential Campaign as the Bush Campaign repeatedly attacked Governor Dukakis for vetoing a bill in Massachusetts that would have made have made it mandatory for students to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in the classroom.

  I created The Global Pledge as writing assignment at Cape Cod Community College,  an editorial in the college newspaper, an editorial in the Cape Cod Times, and a letter to both Vice-President Bush and Governor Dukais ~ all of which are well documented.  It became Copyrighted at that time. (1987-1988)

  The basic premise of my letter to the two men was; patriotism comes from the hearts and souls of individuals and that you can't legislate people or children to be, or feel, Patriotic.  And, instead of forcing children to make a pledge to a flag; why not allow them to choose to make a pledge to make this a better world for all.  A Pledge to the entire Planet Earth.   A Global Pledge, so not only American children could choose to say it, but Chinese Children, Russian Children, and Children all around the world.   Then one day, 24 hours a day, children would be making a pledge to make this a better world.

  It was soon picked up by some wonderful local teachers who shared it with their students, and then went on to newspapers, radio shows, TV shows, and soon was said in classrooms across the country, and around the world. 

   As the Pledge became more popular, I constantly had people & children contacting me how they had created their own Pledge and they would often send it to me.  And although I was very pleased that they had taken the idea to heart; it was suggested to me in 1990 to Copyright The Global Pledge. This is the Federal  Copyright.

By Jerry Schmeer Jr.
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